Tragic Case of History Repeating Itself

        The life of  Chinese restaurant deliverymen is a dangerous one as they can be assaulted, robbed, and even killed.  A recent case in Wilmington, N. C. in June, 2012, involved six adolescent boys robbing and killing a 60 year-old Chinese after which the murderers polished off the delivered food.  Star News Online reported that:

      Similar instances of this type of crime  have occurred many times over decades.  For example, in 2009 in North Hanover, Massachusetts, another Chinese man was murdered when delivering food to a fake order to an unoccupied address that was made using a phone number that police traced to a throwaway cell phone.

     Another case occurred in 2000 when a Queens, New York restaurant owner was bludgeoned to death late one evening when he was making a delivery to an isolated area of town.  According to the New York Times article:


     Sadly, these men must risk their lives regularly to eke out a living, support their families, and in some cases, send money back to China to help relatives.  Predatory hoodlums look on them as easy and helpless prey.

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