With a lot of help of friends and other 'connections,' you are more likely to succeed than if you work alone. People who you don't think could be helpful can sometimes be helpful in ways that you never thought likely. For example, they may not have information or knowledge on some aspect of publishing and promotion but they may know people who do.
      The old expression, "what goes around, comes around," can yield benefits. Do something nice for someone, and someday, you may receive unexpected rewards because that person may be in a position to help you in the future.

A website for Southern Fried Rice led to connections with people who helped me get book signings, talks, and interviews.

       I have been fortunate in having my expanding network give me tips on topics to write about, places where I can give booktalks, introductions to people who share common writing interests, and websites that have valuable tools for writing, publishing, and speaking.
      Popular innovative web tools such as Facebook and Twitter, to name two of the best known, makes it easier than ever to establish a growing network. Using sites offering free webpages like,,,, and has helped me generate publicity and acquire other contacts.
       Book promotion sites such as,, and are free and effective tools for building your network. And, of course,  Amazon Author Pages also help writers promote their books to potential readers.

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