Foster City Library, Southern Fried Rice, Aug. 19, 2007

With my sisters, Mary and Jean to my right and a city council candidate on left.

My sister Mary Gee lived in Foster City and was influential in getting the Foster City Library to invite  me to speak about Southern Fried Rice.  Many of my relatives living in the area were able to attend.

A bizarre confrontation occurred during the Q&A, when a woman asked me where my parents were naturalized. After my reply, she accused me of lying. She insisted that census records showed my parents had been naturalized in Alabama, which was totally wrong.

After the talk, I discovered a CD on the table on top of my materials, but it was not mine. Apparently my interrogator had unobtrusively left this CD for me. I opened it afterwards and found that it contained census records listing a Chinese couple who shared our name, Jung, as being naturalized in Alabama.  However, these Jungs were not my parents. 

Fortunately these types of odd confrontations are very much the exception as most of the interactions I have had with audiences has been very cordial and warm.

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