Mississippi Delta Chinese High School Athletes in 1950s

          Prior to the 1950s, Chinese were not even allowed to enroll in white schools in many parts of Mississippi. However, during the 1950s, not only were they admitted but some of them were competing well on high school football, baseball, and basketball teams.  Their participation is somewhat surprising because they had to work many hours to help in the family grocery businesses. In addition, some Chinese parents probably disapproved of their sons competing in physical competition.  However, the motivation of Chinese youth to fit in with American societal customs  prevailed over any opposition from their immigrant parents.
Boyle High Baseball 1951,
Walter Joe, left end front row
and Ed Joe, right end front row.

Boyle High 1953-4 Basketball, Peter Joe (14)

Greenville High, 1956 Football.  Eugene, Hugh, and Watson Lum

Interestingly, a Greenville clothing store, Nels & Blum, featured high school athletes, including Chinese players, as 'fashion models' in their newspaper ads.

Ed Lum, Greenville High, 1959
Ruleville: George Jue
 Boyle High: Walter and Peter Joe,
Greenville High, Charlie Chu

Warren Lum, Greenville High, 1959

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