"Chinaman Tires of White Wife"

Around the end of 1909, a Chinese laundryman in Meridian, Mississippi, Lum Jack,* married a young white girl even though mixed marriages between races was illegal.  Apparently, the officiant of the wedding did not realize Lum Jack was a "Chinaman," and when it was discovered, there was talk of a grand jury indictment. The young couple was determined to resist public opinion and the Mississippi law against mixed race marriages.

But before legal action was taken against them, the couple fled town and got remarried in Alabama, where Lum Jack opened another laundry. Interestingly, he kept the laundry in Meridian and returned every Saturday to attend to his customers.
A bit later, the couple moved to Birmingham, opening a laundry there, but matrimonial woes beset them leading to a fight for which they were arrested and each fined $5. The laundryman filed for an annulment of the marriage.

*His name was probably Jack Lum, but the white reporter reversed it.

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