A Chinese Laundry in Georgia Before the Civil War

     My parents immigrated from China and opened a laundry in Macon, GA in 1928.  The thought never occurred to me when I was a kid growing up and working there that some other Chinese may well have operated it prior to 1928.  I did discover, much to my surprise, about 10 years ago from archives, that the same building that housed our laundry and living space had served continuously as a Chinese laundry since the mid 1880s.

And, now, I discover (see below) that there were Chinese laundries in Georgia much earlier than ours. Jung Wing (no relation) was in what would later become Atlanta running a hand laundry BEFORE the "War Between the States" broke out in 1863, which suggests he was born before the gold rush in California. His obit gives no detail but suggests Jung Wing must have been held in some positive regard, having been sent as "a delegate" to President Cleveland's first inauguration!

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